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Smoking is a disease of modernity

Smoking is a disease of modernity

Do you think that Smoking your first cigarette, this habit is going to slow in the coming years? Many smokers and not suspected to abandon this pernicious habit is not so easy. And in spite of warnings on each pack of cigarettes, of the smokers, in portugal, is not less. Many of them with the joy of having abandoned the cigarette, but the chemical dependency holding it firmly, making every day put the money by a dose of poison.

Some facts about the smoking habit, of which, you may not know:

The addiction to nicotine is a disease of modernity, of which it is very difficult to remove. Many people around the world wish to voluntarily abandon this habit and portugal is no exception.

Stop smoking with NicoZero easy!

Stop smoking with NicoZero easily

If You do not want to stay for a smoker and you want to once and for all to put the point in this matter, then NicoZero willing to help.

NicoZero - spray against the addiction to nicotine, the lock of the cravings of smoking. It is a modern development of europe's leading laboratories, which showed good results in the fight against this pernicious habit.

Purchase a spray in our official website and use it in moments when it is difficult to independently handle, with a push of smoking:

Numerous attempts to quit smoking, have not had a result, they say that willpower is not enough to overcome the chemical dependency. The problem of nicotine addiction rests on the doctor's plane, and in front of the help you have been proven means, such as NicoZero.

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The roots of the addiction to nicotine

Sensitive to acetylcholine receptors are responsible for transmission of nerve impulses across synapses in the brain and activates the acetylcholine. It has also been observed, their sensitivity to nicotine. Physiological dependence on nicotine occurs which under its influence increases the number of these receptors, and its sensitivity decreases. Own of the acetylcholine is not sufficient to supply the needs of the nervous system, and successfully replaces the nicotine, the enslaving of a smoker.

By acting on the receptors, nicotine also triggers the production of dopamine, the hormone of joy, related to acetylcholine. Smoking brings a person a feeling of happiness, reducing the value of the other things. And the lower the value of everything else, the more our brain appreciates the nicotine. To feel happy, the smoker must keep the level of nicotine.

The principle of action NicoZero

The need to smoke is not returned

Spray NicoZero in the fight against the consumption of tobacco shows an entirely new approach. Its composition is balanced, therefore, to deceive the sensitive nicotine receptors. The brain is sure that it has received a dose of nicotine, and the craving for smoking diminishes. The waiver of the nicotine does not cause the body stress associated with the discomfort, nervousness, and the constant feeling of hunger. Little by little the habit of smoking weakens.

After a course of a month of use NicoZero there is a strong attitude of aversion to cigarettes, and always get rid of even the strongest addiction to nicotine. During this time, the body is translated in a rule and the number of receptors and the production of acetylcholine, to subsequently pass without external stimulants.

The time of application NicoZero
The physiological changes

1 week

The components of Nico Zero recover the sensitivity of the receptors of acetylcholine, restoring the feeling of joy without chemical stimulation of the nicotine.

Week 2

The body gradually release of stress hormones, the cigarette no longer are the only way to relax or to concentrate. Becomes the joy of the common things, such as good food, communication, view your favorite tv programs.

Week 3

In this moment, the complete restructuring of the agency to control natural production of hormones of joy, without the participation of the nicotine. Even if You continue to smoke what you enjoy smoking cigarettes, because the brain blocks the irritation of the receptors of the help of the nicotine.

4 week

Available again, the joy of life without cigarettes. Physical and psychological need to smoke disappear.

The composition of the NicoZero

The natural composition NicoZero gently helps you to deal with the consumption of tobacco, eliminating the risk of failures and the side effects.

The treatment of smokers with a 100% results in only 39€ (view the cost in other countries) is a great deal! In the period of one month, smokers spend on cigarettes a significant sum of money. The cost of spray much less! And already after a month of Your addiction to nicotine will not be a trace. No, you do not need the determination to tolerate the discomfort associated with the abandonment of the cigarette, the spray NicoZero will make the process easy. It requires that you take a decision and enjoy the spray at the official web site of today, while the price reduced.

Review of the medical

The doctor The doctor narcólogo Tiago Tiago
The doctor narcólogo
The experience of:
8 years
Several independent attempts to quit smoking can only cause frustration, and depression. Clearly a smoker and need help to get rid of the addiction to nicotine. Spray NicoZero with him to perfection. Many of my patients in portugal, pointed out that they have experienced a strong stress and the traction in the habit of smoking during treatment with NicoZero. Literally, 1 month managed to get rid of an addiction without the need of return to smoking over many months and return to the healthy life.